The Tale Of Dom

Raised by a single mother below the poverty line, issues of wealth inequality, educational disparities, and race relations were abundantly clear to me from a young age. By 13 I had strong opinions on how taxes should be redistributed differently to afford all a shot at a decent education. I have been writing strong persuasion pieces in school since I could remember. I especially enjoy picking a controversial topic, researching both sides, and then writing in favor of the most logical viewpoint. My early awareness of the world lead me to be curious, skeptical, and assertive. When I started my first job at 14, I enjoyed working but I enjoyed the freedom that came with making money for myself even more. I dabbled in a few things (real estate, interior design, sales) until I finally came back to my first love: Writing. The pandemic of 2020 gave me the space, isolation, that I needed to truly fall in love with writing all over again. Now, I write journalistic and opinion pieces that take on important topics and aim to make a change.

For the fun stuff: I have a big family with 8 nieces and nephews.  I have a Yorkie, Russell, that runs my life. I love really breathing life in and enjoying even the smallest of pleasures. I love traveling and in 2021 will be taking a year-long cross-country trip while I continue to write. 

Working from Home